Define a salary

On the Team page, it’s possible to define the remuneration of an employee in their profile.

Three options are available to you:

  1. Aligned remuneration
  2. Aligned and adjusted remuneration
  3. Off-pay scale compensation

Compensation aligned across the pay scale

Here, the salary amount is calculated directly from the employee's evaluation and qualifications. The salary calculation is detailed in TODO LIEN this article.

This is the ideal case, having a majority of salaries aligned shows the flexibility of your pay scale, which will adapt to the specificities of everyone.

In case you wish to deviate slightly from the grid, you can choose to adjust the remuneration manually:

Aligned and adjusted salary

Here the salary is based on the pay scale, but you can tweak it slightly using the adjustment field.

It’s advisable to manually adjust individual salaries sparingly, as this is inevitably a source of tension between employees with equivalent qualifications. 

In addition, it makes the evolution of the pay scale more complicated by multiplying the particular cases.

If, however, a salary is not reconcilable with the levels of the pay scale (or is influenced by external factors) you always have the possibility to make it off-pay scale:

Off-pay scale remuneration

Here there’s no compromise: the salary is defined explicitly, outside the levels of the pay scale.

During the first import of employees, all salaries will be recorded as off-pay scale. The challenge of creating your first pay scale is to align all salaries with your ideal pay scale.

For very specific cases, rather than defining an off-pay scale salary it may be more practical to exclude the employee entirely from the pay scale. The procedure is detailed here.

For every employee, the Clearwage tool makes it possible to accurately record the compensation organization and keep track of the following developments. By highlighting gaps and special cases, we can suggest possible improvements to harmonize your compensation plan.

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