Import my employees

Importing employees can be done in one step by sending an Excel or CSV file.

First, go to the Team page and click on the Import button:

The Employee Import Page displays the information that should be present in the file. Each field will correspond to a column of the file. Once the file is made, click Import File:

At this step the most simple thing to do is download a template and fill it out with your own information.

Once that’s done, you’ll be shown a table corresponding to your file. It’s interactive: you can edit the contents of the cells if necessary and, most important, classify the columns that correspond to the requested information. Please select them one by one before clicking Import.

A confirmation message will then be displayed and you can find your employees directly in the team view.

Is it possible to import the same employees several times?

Yes, previously imported employee profiles will be updated with the new file information. Correspondence is based on the first name and last name or email address if available.

Will employees have access to Clearwage after the import?

No. No account is created during the import. Likewise, no email will be sent to them automatically, even if you provide it in the file at this step.

You can invite employees to join Clearwage through the account preferences. See “Invite My Team” for more information.

In case of trouble

Column with dates are not imported properly

If you have issues importing column with dates, try setting the "text" format for these columns before saving your Excel file.

An error message is displayed when importing the file

If the file is not recognized by the server, make sure that it’s in Excel (xlsx) or CSV (csv) format. The file size should not exceed 5 MB. If the problem persists, you can just send it to us via the contact form, no problem.

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