Defining employee skills

For each profession you listed while importing employees, you must  determine the associated skills path on the skills definitions page.

To save time, we offer a helpful framework organized by profession which you can easily customize.

The pathways of the component "business experience" include 2 criteria that illustrate a progression in skills that are considered valuable in the labor market:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Complexity and analysis

  1. For each profession, select a typical path or a blank model if none of our templates suit you.
  2. You can customize the criteria of each tier by making changes manually. 

  3. If you’ve selected it as a component, you can do the same for seniority to illustrate the employee’s knowledge of your business and your industry (which makes the employee unique to you). 
  4. When you're done, you'll see the congratulatory pop-up appear at the bottom of your screen!

This step is key to the success of your pay scale. Employees must be able to fully understand:

  • where they are in their career;
  • what they must do to evolve; 
Counsel. help employees by working with them or providing workshops to ensure evolution in their professional skill paths, for example! 

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